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First images from the Chungthang Dam during the Sikkim flash floods show a path of devastation

Devastation occurred throughout the northeastern state as a result of the disastrous cloudburst in North Sikkim that caused flash floods.

At least 56 people were killed in a flash flood caused by a high-altitude glacial lake break, and authorities said they were looking for at least 142 others, including Army personnel, in Sikkim and the northern areas of West Bengal on Saturday.

Buildings, roads, bridges, and homes were all washed away by the flash flood, which resulted in extensive destruction.

the first images of severely damaged Chungthang on Saturday following the chaos in Sikkim. Following a cloudburst over Lhonak Lake, which caused the lake to burst and send a significant volume of water downstream, the Teesta River experienced a flash flood.

The Chungthang dam was also harmed by the big flood, making the situation worse.

Vehicles were washed away, buildings were completely demolished, including the Chungthang police station.

In the early hours of Wednesday, a cloudburst caused a flash flood that caused significant damage in Sikkim. Over 1,200 homes were destroyed, over 1,500 individuals were impacted, and 13 bridges, roads, and other buildings were also destroyed.

56 people had died as a result of the severe flash flood as of Saturday. Thirty bodies have been discovered in the Teesta River basin in West Bengal, while 26 have been recovered from Sikkim thus far.

In the meantime, 6,875 people are residing in 22 relief camps that have been erected throughout the state, and 2,413 individuals have been rescued from various locations.