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Editors Guild of India is the target of a FIR filed by the government of Manipur

According to CM N Biren Singh, the Editors Guild members who are attempting to incite additional riots in the state of Manipur have been named in a FIR filed by the Manipur state administration.

The Editors Guild of India’s fact-finding report regarding the current Manipur crisis has been sharply criticized, according to the chief minister N Biren Singh.

According to Biren, the Supreme Court has taken up the current Manipur case. In light of this, it is absolutely unacceptable for EGI to present a report that contains even the slightest factual inaccuracy. Such a report will make the current problem worse or more serious. The state government denounced the behavior, and a FIR was filed against them.

“It appears that EGI knows little about how the current issue came to be. All of the crisis’s evidence is in the state government’s possession. They can obtain from us if they so want. It is quite unfortunate that EGI is presenting a report with so many errors.After reading their report, I got the impression they were merely anti-national or anti-state, claimed Biren Singh.

This comes after a three-person fact-finding delegation from the Editors Guild of India noted that reporting from Manipur had become challenging because of the internet ban imposed in the state at the beginning of May during the violence between the Meiteis and Kukis.

The Editors Guild discovered that “local news gathered without any communication links was not sufficient to give a balanced view of the situation.”

A fact-finding team from the Editors Guild claimed in a report published on September 2 that journalists in Manipur produced “one-sided reports” in their coverage of the ethnic strife in the northeastern state.

In a typical situation, their editors or bureau chiefs from the local government, police, and security forces “would be cross-checking and monitoring them,” the report stated. However, due to the fighting, this was not feasible.

The Editors Guild Manipur (EGM) and the All Manipur Working Journalists Union (AMWJU) have angrily refuted the Editor Guild of India’s hearsay-based, hearsay-motivated allegation.

The two top organizations for journalists in Manipur have also responded to the EGI’s accusations with a point-by-point explanation.

The Editors Guild of India fact-finding team has also been threatened with legal action by the All Manipur Working Journalists Union (AMWJU) and Editors Guild Manipur (EGM) if it does not provide an explanation for the alleged misrepresentations in its fact-finding report.

The AMWJU and EGM described the study, which was finished in just four days, as motivated and half-baked in a release.

The study, according to AMWJU and EGM, has numerous inaccuracies and inaccurate statements that harm the state’s journalistic community’s reputation, particularly those of news organizations situated in Imphal.