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East Central Railway Invites Tenders for Double Line Track Project in Gaya-Son Nagar Section

Patna: In a decisive move to reinforce rail infrastructure in the Indian state of Bihar, the East Central Railway (ECR) has unveiled a tender worth ₹760.24 crore for the construction of double line tracks (third and fourth lines) in the Gaya-Son Nagar section. This ambitious project, spanning a remarkable distance of 66.875 kilometers between DFCC ch:225.300 and DFCC ch:292.175 in the DDU division, aims to transform the capacity and efficiency of the rail network in the region.

A Comprehensive Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Contract

The EPC contract for this undertaking encompasses a vast array of activities, including:

  • Earthwork and formation: This intricate process entails meticulously preparing the ground for the laying of tracks, encompassing leveling, grading, and compacting the soil to ensure a stable foundation.

  • Construction of minor and major bridges: The project necessitates the construction of numerous bridges of varying sizes and complexities to facilitate the seamless passage of trains over waterways and other impediments.

  • Electrification works: The project will witness the electrification of the newly constructed double line tracks, enabling the operation of electric locomotives for enhanced speed, energy efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

  • Installation of electrical Traction Recording Device (TRD): The TRD will be strategically installed to meticulously monitor and record the performance of electric locomotives, ensuring their safety, reliability, and optimal functioning.

  • Miscellaneous works: This extensive element encompasses the construction of signal cabins, fencing, and other ancillary structures to support the smooth operation and safety of the new tracks.

Accommodating Heavier Axle Loads and Enhancing Speed

The double line track project is strategically designed to accommodate 32.5 T axle load, a significant improvement that will enable the movement of heavier freight trains. This enhancement will substantially strengthen the transportation capacity of the rail network, facilitating the movement of goods and materials across the region with greater efficiency and ease.

Project Timeline and Bid Submission

The project is anticipated to be completed within a 36-month period, with an aim to swiftly transform the rail infrastructure in the region. The last date for bid submission is December 22, 2023, inviting eligible contractors and companies to participate in this crucial infrastructure development project.

Impact of the Project on Bihar’s Rail Infrastructure

The Gaya-Son Nagar double line track project stands as a resounding testament to the East Central Railway’s unwavering commitment to modernizing and expanding the rail network in Bihar. This project will not only bolster the capacity and efficiency of the rail network but also contribute significantly to the overall economic development of the region.

  • Improved connectivity and reduced travel time: The double line tracks will enable faster and smoother movement of trains, drastically reducing travel time for both passengers and freight, fostering enhanced connectivity and convenience.

  • Enhanced freight movement and economic growth: The project will facilitate the transportation of heavier goods, boosting trade and economic activity in the region, propelling economic growth and propelling Bihar’s advancement.

  • Job creation and infrastructure development: The project will generate substantial employment opportunities during the construction phase, contributing to economic recovery and alleviating unemployment. Additionally, it will contribute to the overall infrastructure development of Bihar, fostering long-term growth and prosperity.

The East Central Railway’s double line track project in the Gaya-Son Nagar section marks a significant milestone in strengthening Bihar’s rail infrastructure. This project will not only enhance the transportation capacity and efficiency of the rail network but also contribute to the overall economic development of the region, paving the way for a more connected, prosperous, and well-served Bihar.

With its strategic location, enhanced capacity, and improved efficiency, the new double line tracks will prove to be a catalyst for economic growth, social development, and overall progress in Bihar, further elevating the state’s position as a key driver of India’s development trajectory.