Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Diwali campaign by Federal Bank is called “Karo Bachaane Ki Shuruaat Bachpan Se

The newest Diwali campaign from Federal Bank, “Karo Bachaane Ki Shuruaat Bachpan Se,” is a family-oriented celebration of naive vows made to make everyone’s next Diwali more special. The largest celebration in India is an occasion to give, wish, dress up, feast, and express gratitude for the abundance in our lives. When you are away from home, you occasionally offer money to kids—this is known as “Diwali” in this situation.

When the protagonist receives a money that Grandpa transfers to his grandson, it sets off a chain reaction of promissory chutzpah toward his entire family. Only to be tapped by the mother, who tapped a note to herself asking where she would find the money to pay for all of this.

The endearing campaign highlights how crucial it is to begin saving as early as possible in infancy in order to take the first step toward financial empowerment. The campaign “Karo Bachaane Ki Shuruaat Bachpan Se” revolves around a young protagonist named Ishaan, whose ambitions are guided by his mother’s encouragement.

The ad exhorts kids to believe that they can keep their word and to take action to make their dreams come true. A recurring deposit is made by his mother, who is well-versed in earning and saving money, in addition to the “Diwali” that Ishaan receives.

By putting money away or saving on the many incentives, the campaign promotes Federal Bank Savings Accounts, Recurring and Fixed Deposits, Credit and Debit Cards, as tools for saving.

“Our characters have always been forward-thinking, at ease with technology, inclusive of all age groups, and fairly represented by individuals from various backgrounds. In “Karo Bachaane Ki Shuruaat Bachpan Se,” the mother, who appears to be a professional woman, establishes an online automatic savings account. This will keep adding to the “Diwali” that has been given. Technology is used to play, transfer, and impart life lessons. The film’s pragmatism is not in softening but in reducing the difficulties by focusing on the innocent and keeping promises.

This is an evolution of Federal Bank’s Rishta Aap Se Hai, Sirf App Se NahiTM template, in which the ease of utilizing the bank’s seamless digital assets fuels people’s desire for a better quality of life. stated MVS Murthy, Federal Bank’s chief marketing officer.

At Federal Bank, we value ‘Rishta’ greatly and emphasize family ties in our correspondence. Preparing the next generation for their financial journey is an important part of this. It’s important to start saving early since it will make achieving your objectives easier if you grasp compound interest sooner. This demonstrates the Federal Bank’s support for both short- and long-term savings, so it’s not only about Diwali. Our goal was to encourage young clients to start saving by leveraging the festive mood of Diwali. This is only the beginning of building consumer loyalty to the Federal Bank brand, and we hope it will catch on with them. Ogilvy’s Executive Creative Director, Rohit Dubey