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Dev Anand’s Juhu bungalow sold for a hefty sum, and a 22-story tower will take its place: Report

Dev Anand, a great actor, reportedly sold his Juhu mansion for an astronomical sum. It will be destroyed to make room for a tower with 22 stories.

According to the Hindustan Times, the home owned by the late actor Dev Anand in Juhu, Mumbai, recently changed hands for an approximate value of Rs 350–400 crore. Suniel Anand and Devina Anand, as well as Dev Anand’s wife Kalpana Kartik, lived at the house for forty years.

A real estate business reportedly purchased the cottage and intends to demolish it and build a 22-story tower in its stead. Suniel and Devina, Dev Anand’s children, have decided to sell the property, mostly because of the difficulties in keeping it maintained. Devina lives in Ooty with their mother Kalpana, while Suniel is a resident in the United States. Additionally, the article states that they have sold a few more properties in Panvel, Maharashtra. All three of the actor’s family members will receive a portion of the sale’s revenues.