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Delhi Police Arrests 52-Year-Old Man for Stealing Oil from IOCL Pipeline

Delhi Police detained a 52-year-old man on suspicion of stealing oil from an IOCL pipeline and secretly storing it in the Dwarka area in an excavated subterranean passageway measuring about 40 meters, according to an official statement on Friday. The offender has been identified as Rakesh, also known as Golu, who is from the Dwarka neighborhood’s Pochanpur hamlet.

According to police officials, the event started on a Wednesday when information about an oil theft from the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Northern Region reached the Delhi-Panipat sector of a pipeline. “On the 29th of September, the corporation conducted a meticulous inspection, revealing substantial indications pointing to covert oil siphoning in the vicinity of Village Pochanpur, Dwarka,” explained M. Harsha Vardhan, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka).

After receiving the corporation’s complaint, law enforcement officers went to the scene right once and started digging. These digs turned up a disturbing discovery for the investigators. By using a valve mechanism to put a plastic conduit into the IOCL pipeline, the accused parties cleverly infiltrated the pipeline.

In describing the discovery, the Deputy Commissioner said, “In the course of this bold undertaking, our crew reached the targeted place and discovered a device built for the extraction of oil by perforating perforations into the pipeline. Two plastic tubes were included into this mechanism and were solidly attached.

Further inquiry revealed a secret tunnel meticulously built by the suspects that connected to a piece of property held by Rakesh, also known as Golu, of Village Pochanpur in Delhi. This secret oil pipeline, intriguingly hidden inside a subterranean tube, was about 40 meters long when measured from its starting location.

Rakesh, the purported plot owner, has been detained and is currently undergoing in-depth questioning on the intricate web of activities inside this covert nexus. According to the statement made by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, active measures are being taken to capture every participant in this complex operation.

This discovery emphasizes how important it is for law enforcement organizations to be vigilant and take swift action to protect crucial infrastructure from sophisticated theft attempts.