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Couple from Punjab’s ‘Kulhad Pizza’ Files Police Case After Fight Over Internet

New Delhi: A Punjabi couple who gained notoriety for selling kulhad pizza are at the center of a debate when a clip purportedly showing them appeared online. Sehaj Arora, the owner of the food cart, has called the tape fraudulent and reported it to the police.

In a Jalandhar street, Sehaj Arora and his wife were well-known for selling a distinctive pizza that is served in kulhad, or earthen cups. The videos of the pair making the pizza were extensively shared on social media, and the husband and wife also talked about how they first met and fell in love before getting married.

Recently, a video that purports to show the owners of “Kulhad Pizza” in a lewd pose has been making the rounds on social media. Following the video’s virality, Mr. Arora called the tape “fake” in a statement he released on Wednesday.

In a video posted to Instagram, Mr. Arora said that someone had provided them the “fake” Instagram video and demanded money as he was outside a police station in Jalandhar. He continued by saying that after they refused to pay, the footage was posted online.

He added that he went to the police and made a formal complaint. He made it clear that the video was entirely phony and might have been produced by artificial intelligence. He also urged people not to distribute the video.

Sehaj Arora revealed in a new video message he published on Friday what he and his wife—who had just given birth—went through as a result of the incident.

Mr. Arora promised that instead of discussing whether the video is real or not, he would instead discuss the challenges they are now facing.

According to Sehaj Arora, the police have detained the woman who threatened them with blackmail over the popular video.

He also brought up the effects of the phony video on him and his family and charged a YouTuber named Karan Dutta with distributing it.