Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Congress party of failing to fulfil promises in Karnataka- BRS MLC K Kavitha

Hydrabad: BRS MLC K Kavitha has refuted the claims made by her about the Congress party’s Telangana election plan, claiming that the party’s local leadership is following the same course as the Karnataka Congress. Kavitha asserts that they are delivering individual bond papers to Telangana voters—a tactic that was not successful in Karnataka.

Even though 223 members of the Congress party, including the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, have pledged to keep their word, Kavitha charges the party of not keeping its word in Karnataka. She calls out the purported application of the same bond paper tactic in Telangana, characterizing it as an effort to mislead the populace. Kavitha demands that the Congress party be penalized by the Election Commission of India for what she considers to be a “dumb poll strategy.”

Additionally, Kavitha brags about Telangana’s efforts to create jobs and challenges Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, to name another state that has produced more government jobs than Telangana while Rahul Gandhi is in power. She states that she will personally not run for office again in the event that such proof is shown.

It’s crucial to understand that this response just represents BRS MLC K Kavitha’s views; it does not confirm the veracity of the accusations or assertions.