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Commercial EV Battery Charging Revolutionized: The Energy Company’s

The Energy Company, which was established in 2021, has become a pioneer in the field of EV battery solutions. The company, which offers unprecedented speed, dependability, and adaptability to B2B clients, is ready to redefine battery charging for commercial EVs with its extensive battery platform. This article explores The Energy Company’s forays into innovation, highlighting its founders’ vision and ground-breaking ideas.

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The Energy Company’s innovations have been propelled by three visionaries named Rahul Lamba, Prashant Rathee, and Pratik Somani. These people identified the constraints provided by current EV batteries as a significant barrier impeding the mainstream adoption of clean mobility, drawing on their combined expertise with electric vehicle startups Ather Energy and Micelio.

Potential consumers of EVs have been discouraged by slow charging and unexpectedly short lifespans of two to three years. The risk of owning an EV is further increased by the combination of high finance rates and the declining second-hand value of batteries, according to Prashant, the Chief Product Officer of The Energy Company.

Because they drive for longer periods of time, commercial EV users face particularly severe battery-related problems. The trio set out on a path that would result in the founding of The Energy Company in 2021, driven by a determination to increase battery longevity and improve the viability of EVs.

EV Adoption Facilitated by Flexi: A Full-Stack Battery Platform
Flexi, The Energy Company’s patented battery technology, is at the core of its innovation. The platform, which takes design cues from the ease of smartphone charging, attempts to allay worries about range anxiety, reliability, and safety. Flexi claims FlexiPack and FlexiTwin as two essential parts.

FlexiPack: Freeing Quick and Flexible Charging

FlexiPack is a ground-breaking solution that integrates effortlessly into any EV to enable quick and charger-independent charging. The adaptable battery pack has quick charging periods; it takes less than 15 minutes to go 50 kilometers and only 40 minutes to travel 100 kilometers. This is in sharp contrast to the four to six hours that ordinary standard batteries need to charge completely.

FlexiPack offers unmatched adaptability because it is made to accommodate both electric two-wheelers and e-rickshaws. The battery can also be conveniently charged at home using a regular three-pin 15 amp outlet, giving consumers a 100-kilometer range in less than an hour.

The Energy Company’s CEO, Rahul, notes that “FlexiPack’s adaptability extends across many vehicle classifications. In fact, it currently works flawlessly with more than 60% of the two-wheeler EVs on the market.

FlexiTwin: The Advancement of SaaS and the Digital Twin

The Energy Company also introduces FlexiTwin, a digital twin of the battery technology, as a complement to FlexiPack. A sophisticated Software as a repair (SaaS) platform and this cutting-edge technology are used to digitally record battery performance, degradation patterns, and repair history.

“Our SaaS platform empowers superior battery management, ensuring their readiness for deployment in second-life applications,” claims Rahul. FlexiTwin is currently being developed, and beta tests with both current and potential clients are already ongoing.

Taking Advantage of Market Opportunities to Advance
The growth trajectory of the lithium-ion battery business in India serves as evidence that the EV sector landscape is loaded with prospects. This market, which was valued at $1.66 billion in 2020, is anticipated to grow at a healthy CAGR of 17.23% from 2022 to 2027 to reach $4.85 billion.

The Energy Company, based in Bengaluru, has a comprehensive strategy and produces its battery packs on-site. With a growing clientele of 12, including fleet operators and retail OEMs around India, the company is prepared to begin commercialization by August 2023. The Energy Company is aggressively exploring potential partnerships with car OEMs during the pre-revenue period.

The Energy Company received secret pre-Seed funding in March of this year from important investors including LetsVenture, Sia Angels, and We Founder Circle (WFC), in addition to other well-known angel investors. These funds will be wisely distributed to support team growth, client acquisition, and production scalability. Exponent Energy and Log9 Materials are two notable competitors for the startup, which is positioning itself as a strong contender in the changing field of battery technology and clean transportation.

The founding of The Energy Company in 2021 was a turning point for developing battery technologies for commercial EVs. Its Flexi battery platform, which is known for its adaptability, speed, and unique design, is in a position to change how EVs are adopted and how batteries are developed. The Energy Company is at the forefront of transformative change as the EV market keeps growing, assuring a cleaner, more sustainable future through its ground-breaking solutions.