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China says the G20’s declaration in Delhi was a “positive signal”

China finally spoke out about the G20 summit in New Delhi, claiming that the Declaration agreed by the participants has demonstrated that the powerful group is cooperating to address global issues and support global economic recovery.

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling for the ‘global trust deficit’ to be resolved, India scored a huge diplomatic victory on Saturday when the G20 summit, which was hosted under its presidency, approved a consensus statement on the Russia-Ukraine war that overcame significant disagreements.

The Chinese foreign ministry gave a positive initial assessment of the summit’s results, which were reached after two days of discussions that ended on Sunday.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said the summit’s leaders’ declaration, which reflects China’s proposal and states that the G20 will act in concrete ways through partnerships, sends a positive signal of the G20 cooperating to address global challenges and promote world economic recovery and global development.

When asked about the summit’s outcome, Mao responded, “China played a constructive role in the process of preparing for this New Delhi summit and always supported the summit in attaching importance to the concerns of developing countries and reaching fruitful outcomes in support of common development.”

Premier Li Qiang of China attended the summit in place of President Xi Jinping.

When asked if China agrees that the G20 statement should not directly criticize Russia and if using softer language will assist put an end to the situation in Ukraine, Mao responded that China’s position on the matter is constant and clear.

The consensus gained through discussion and reflection of everyone’s shared understanding led to the G20 leaders’ announcement.

The G20 Summit in New Delhi emphasizes that it is the leading forum for global economic cooperation and not a venue for resolving geopolitical and security issues.

We have long believed that letting go of the Cold War mentality, giving weight to and recognizing the legitimate security concerns of all parties, and pursuing a political resolution through conversation and negotiation are the keys to finally resolving the Ukraine situation, she said.

The spokesperson declared that China will continue to support peace negotiations and collaborate with other nations to find a political solution to the Ukraine situation.

China has always given the G20’s work high priority and has actively participated in its work. According to Mao, the G20 should stand united and work together to solve the different dangers and problems facing the global economy and growth.

Premier Li Qiang elaborated on China’s viewpoints and recommendations for G20 cooperation while attending the summit in New Delhi, she said. He urged all parties to uphold the original aspiration of solidarity and cooperation, live up to the responsibility for peace and development required by our times, and work together to advance global sustainable development, open cooperation, and the world’s economic recovery.

The G20 member nations account for over two-thirds of global population, over 75% of global trade, and about 85% of the world’s GDP.

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union make up the group. The African Union was accepted as a permanent member of the G20 on Saturday.