Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Chief Minister, Pushkar Singh Dhami, has introduced the UCC Bill 2024 in Assembly

Dehradun (News Trust of India) : In the legislative chambers of Uttarakhand, the Chief Minister, Pushkar Singh Dhami, has introduced the UCC Bill 2024 for discussion. The introduction of the measure was received with strong opposition, causing a chaotic interruption that resulted in the suspension of proceedings until the afternoon.

In the revered chambers of the Dehradun Assembly, the much-anticipated UCC Bill, led by Chief Minister Dhami, has finally come forward. Dhami presented the UCC Bill 2024 to the assembly in a serious manner, which caused a strong reaction from the opposing faction and disrupted the session. Consequently, Speaker Ritu Khanduri was compelled to stop proceedings till the allotted hour of 2 p.m.

When Chief Minister Dhami presented the UCC Bill 2024 to the assembly, there was a strong sense of patriotism in the chamber, highlighted by the chanting of “Vande Mataram.” However, this display of nationalistic passion was immediately met with vociferous disagreement from the opposition, resulting in Speaker Ritu Khanduri’s decision to adjourn the House until 2 p.m. Subsequently, legislators were allowed the opportunity to examine the provisions of the UCC bill until the resumption of proceedings.

Prior to the opening of legislative activity, members of the opposition were witnessed congregating on the steps outside the assembly, equipped with a list of concerns. Their major demand was enough time for a complete assessment of the UCC Bill before engaging in serious discussions within the chamber. Concurrently, they made accusations against the incumbent BJP administration, citing violations of procedural standards by simple numerical supremacy.

In a concerted gesture of disagreement, opposition leaders participating in the sit-in referenced a communique issued by the assembly secretary on January 25, mandating the submission of adjournment motions by the morning of February 6. However, the government’s unilateral decision to label this session as “special” essentially withdrew the chance for such motions. Consequently, on February 6, the second day of the assembly session, the Uniform Civil Code Bill will not only be presented for consideration but also subject to detailed investigation. In light of these developments, opposition voices within the assembly will push not only for appropriate time to analyze the UCC measure but also for a more substantial discourse on its merits.

Persistently appealing for equitable treatment, opposition leaders underline the importance of allowing enough time for the examination of the Uniform Civil Code Bill 2024. Failure to comply to this requirement will undoubtedly precipitate further calls for a delay of deliberations until such time as a comprehensive examination can be done by concerned parties.