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BRS Leader KT Rama Rao Attacks BJP for Voting a BC Candidate to CM Position in Telangana

After the next assembly polls, the BJP announced that a backward class (BC) representative would become Telangana’s chief minister. The ruling BRS assailed the BJP on Saturday, claiming that the Centre has not yet acceded to the demand to establish an OBC welfare ministry.

Attending a “Meet the Press” event here, BRS Working President K T Rama Rao made reference to the BJP substituting their state unit president, a member of the lower classes.

He remembered that ever since Manmohan Singh was prime minister, the BRS has been pressing for the creation of an OBC ministry. According to him, the BRS had sought this in its plenary, and the Telangana legislative assembly had issued a resolution in this regard.

The BRS working president accused the Center of failing to carry out a census for the underprivileged, claiming that the Telangana government had the demographic statistics for the state in light of the “samagra kutumba survey,” or integrated household survey, that it carried out in 2014.

“Narendra Modi ji is an OBC member. Has the situation of Black citizens in this nation altered during the past nine and a half years? In a democracy, it is wrong to believe that one person serving as prime minister or chief minister would serve the entire society, the speaker said.

Rao asserted that a person’s character is more significant than their caste and that a leader’s decisions ought to be in the best interests of the group in question. “Rashtrapati ji is a female ‘Girijan’ (ST). Has it helped all the women and STs in the nation?” he enquired.

Rama Rao emphasized the significance of policies and plans put forth by a chief minister. Regarding the controversy surrounding the “sinking of piers” of the Medigadda (Lakshmi) barrage of the Kaleswaram project, the Minister stated that the barrage successfully withstood the biggest flood of the previous year and that the project has been in operation for the last five years.

He continued by saying he hasn’t had a chance to discuss the situation with any concerned officials. He mentioned the visit by the national dam safety authority and stated he was waiting on the report.

Rama Rao went on to say that the concerned agency will cover the cost and repair the barrage, meaning that the state exchequer would not be burdened in any way. The BRS leader responded to criticism that the state’s Kaleswaram irrigation project was a “white elephant” by claiming that Congress was the nation’s true white elephant.

“For the longest time, people have suffered the most from Congress’s misrule and misadventures,” he declared. Rama Rao made a jab at the Congress by claiming that Mahatma Gandhi had supported breaking up the powerful party after independence. “Unfortunately, it’s still there, which is very bothersome.”

Union Home Minister Amit Shah made a pledge to name a Backward Class (BC) representative as Telangana’s chief minister on Friday, November 30, at a poll rally in Suryapet, Telangana. This was in the event that the BJP won the state’s assembly elections.