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Big scale public hearing on land law in Uttarakhand, Chief Minister gave instructions

Dehradun (News Trust of India) : In a deliberate convocation, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami of Uttarakhand has authorized the committee handling land legislation to arrange an expanding public hearing. The order includes soliciting assistance from a varied assortment of specialists covering numerous professions. Furthermore, Chief Commissioner roles for both Garhwal and Kumaon have been incorporated into the decentralized structure overseeing land regulation.

Emphasizing quick action, the Chief Minister highlighted the requirement for promptly creating drafts based on the committee’s recommendations. He added, “Every action performed by the state government is motivated by the well-being of the region. Our dedication remains steady to connect with public emotions, a crucial aspect in the state’s welfare.” The high-level meeting witnessed the presence of Chief Secretary Ram Subhag Singh, Additional Chief Secretary J. C. Sharma, and Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister J. C. Sharma, among other senior officials.

A substantial spike has been reported in the acquisition of agricultural land, with an escalating tendency observed over recent years. A common worry revolves around non-state residents purchasing agricultural land. In response, a committee, chaired over by Subhash Kumar, was earlier commissioned to create applicable land legislation. Having delivered its report, the committee’s findings are currently being transmuted into a comprehensive document. The impending new year can feature key decisions pertaining to land legislation.

Anticipating this development, the Dhami government, in May of the previous year, approved a resolution within the cabinet demanding a comprehensive background check on prospective land buyers. This proactive strategy attempted to analyze the motivations and antecedents of persons seeking land acquisition within the state. Chief Minister Dhami, expanding on the transformation, underlined the transition from uncontrolled land sales to a paradigm where approval rests on a rigorous background verification. Corresponding guidelines have been duly distributed in this regard.