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Bharat: Mother of Democracy – A Special Initiative by Tagbin at G20 Summit

New Delhi: In a spectacular collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Tagbin is preparing to hold a unique exhibition named ‘Bharat: Mother of Democracy.’ This extraordinary showcase of India’s democratic traditions intends to welcome and inform international leaders and attendees during the upcoming G20 Summit. Scheduled to be presented in the foyer area of Hall 14 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, from September 8 to 10, 2023, this exhibition is a monument to India’s rich historical and cultural foundations in democracy.

Unveiling India’s Democratic Heritage

The fundamental purpose of the ‘Bharat: Mother of Democracy’ exhibition is to highlight the rich historical and cultural origins of democracy in India. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Tagbin has thoughtfully developed an experience that will captivate visitors, affording them insight into India’s democratic past like never before.

Personalized Greetings with AI Holobox

At the entrance of the show, a revolutionary AI Holobox awaits, ready to deliver individualized greetings to VIPs, VVIPs, and other guests. This AI marvel takes the form of an AI avatar and leverages superior voice cloning technology to generate a lifelike, real-person voice to welcome each user. Remarkably, it leverages powerful face recognition capabilities to identify individuals, offering personalised greetings based on their identification. Even if someone is not identified, they can receive a pleasant welcome with a prepared text, such as ‘Namaste.’ Moreover, when visitors enter their details, the AI Holobox performs real-time generation and speech synthesis, delivering a dynamic and personalized greeting experience for all.

The Dancing Girl: A Symbol of India’s Democratic Heritage

At the core of the exhibition stands a rotating sculpture of the Dancing Girl from the Sindhu Saraswati Civilization, positioned on a podium in the center of the space. Informative kiosks situated alongside the sculpture provide thorough interpretations of this historic item, allowing visitors a fuller appreciation of its significance.

Interactive Panels Unveiling India’s Democratic Journey

The exhibition offers 26 interactive panels covering a varied range of topics, including:

7,000 years of Democratic Ethos
Bharat – The Mother of Democracy
The Sindhu-Saraswati Civilization
The Vedic Era
The Ramayana
The Mahabharat
Maha Janpada and Gantantra
Jaina Dharma
Bauddha Dharma
Kautilya & Arthashastra
Samrat Ashoka
Fa Hsien Khalimpur Copperplate Inscriptions
Shrenisangha Uthiramerur
The Philosophical Foundation of Democracy
Krishnadeva Raya Akbar Chhatrapati Shivaji
Local Self-Governance
The Constitution of India Elections in Modern India

These 26 kiosks have been precisely created utilizing AI technology and strategically situated in a way that prevents audio collisions. To offer a flawless audio experience, directional speakers have been positioned. These specialist speakers emit audio in a conical region, ensuring that only one person at a time, standing within the defined area, may hear the audio material clearly. This novel audio system enriches the overall visitor experience at the exhibition, allowing visitors to explore material in 16 different languages.

Saurav Bhaik’s Vision

Saurav Bhaik, Founder & CEO of Tagbin, gave his comments on the exhibition, saying, “As per Indian culture, democracy reflects the ideals of freedom, acceptance, equality, and inclusivity in society, allowing its common citizens to lead a decent and dignified existence. The ‘Mother of Democracy’ exhibition shows this rich legacy and so much more. It’s a great honour to contribute to this extraordinary effort. By harnessing the power of AI and upcoming technologies, we’ve developed an immersive experience like no other. This exhibition exceeds standard displays; it’s a living narrative of India’s democratic legacy.”

India’s Enduring Democracy

As the ‘Bharat: Mother of Democracy’ exhibition opens its doors, it encourages attendees to dig into India’s democratic heritage. It offers a glimpse into a heritage that has weathered the test of time and continues to inspire nations worldwide. The exhibition serves as a shining example of a liberal democracy, promoting India’s democratic values onto the global scene. It’s an occasion for world leaders to witness and celebrate the roots of democracy in the land of Bharat.