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Balochistani government proclaims “all-out war” on terrorists and says “enough is enough.”

Jan Achakzai, the interim communications minister for Balochistan, has proclaimed “all-out war” against terrorists in response to the horrific suicide bombing in Mastung and has vowed to pursue both their leaders and their agents. In addition, the government has pledged financial assistance for the martyrs’ families and is evaluating security procedures to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

ISLAMABAD: Following the Mastung suicide bombing, which claimed the lives of over 59 people, interim Balochistan information minister Jan Achakzai reportedly said, “Enough is enough” and vowed to wage “all-out war” against terrorists.

An Eid-Milad-un Nabi (PBUH) parade in the remote Balochistan area of Mastung was attacked by a suicide bomber on Friday, who killed several people, including a police officer, and injured another 100.

In response to a question about a potential large-scale operation during a press conference, Achakzai stated that he was unable to comment on the matter but added that the state would defend every square inch of its territory and engage in intelligence-based operations (IBO) if necessary.

But after the passage of two days, no militant group has stepped forward to take responsibility for the bombing.

In a statement, the outlawed group Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) distanced itself from the bloodshed.

In addition, the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) allegedly filed a case against unnamed individuals, according to the Pakistani newspaper Dawn.

General Asim Munir, the Chief of Army Staff, had earlier said that the attackers and their facilitators were “proxies of the enemies of Pakistan and its people.”

At the news conference, Achakzai added that terrorist attacks were happening “daily and it has a set pattern” across the nation, according to Dawn.

This indicates that a genius who is deliberately destabilizing us is behind it. It’s enough already. We declare all-out war on these terrorists, and there will be no more conciliation or negotiation, he declared.

“Pakistan’s resolve is very important,” he continued. We won’t state that we will target (just) terrorist operatives and foot soldiers in this case (the Mastung attack).

“We will track down their masterminds, the lynchpins controlling all of these proxies, drag them out, and exact vengeance for each and every martyr,” the speaker declared.

Additionally, Achakzai highlighted that the Mastung tragedy had “1000%” increased the state’s will to fight terrorism.

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Additionally, he added that the state was prepared to go to any length necessary. Achakzai declared, “We will carry out operations in every square inch of the territory if necessary.”

The minister of information also stated that financial assistance would be given to the martyrs’ families.

According to Dawn, the family assistance will consist of Rs 1.5 million for the martyr’s family, Rs 0.5 million for those who were badly injured, and Rs 0.2 million for those who were very slightly hurt.

He stated that the Balochistan government is also in discussions with the center to enhance the package.

The minister stated that after the incident, the security procedures were being reviewed and that any gaps would be filled to guarantee that no other security lapses occurred.

A crucial Apex Committee meeting is scheduled for October 3 in Islamabad, where “very critical decisions will be taken,” and a subsequent provincial apex committee meeting is scheduled for October 10, where “highly decisive decisions and actions will be recommended,” he added. These meetings are being held in response to the deteriorating law and order situation in Pakistan.

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