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Anytime Astro, founded by Chandan and Kapil Garg, has become an astrology sensation

“The number of various aggregators in the country has increased in recent days.” Cab aggregators like Ola, food aggregators like Swiggy, and platforms like Zomato have grown in popularity. Innova Labs created an aggregator solution for astrology about 5 years ago, comparable to cab and food aggregators. Anytime Astro was founded with the intention of providing individuals with online access to astrology, panchang, and other services. With over 5 million downloads in just 5 years, Anytime Astro has established itself as a popular astrological platform. Many of its services are free and can be found on its website.

Every day, over 5000 people seek astrological advice from Anytime Astro. The platform provides common consumers with astrologers at costs ranging from $20 to $400 per minute. It has become a leading astrological platform, with over 5 million installations, over 400,000 monthly web visitors, and 90% of users returning to use Anytime Astro’s services.

The company was started in 2015, with the initial goal of developing a comprehensive Panchang (calendar). Recognizing the importance of individuals consulting the Panchang for auspicious activities, Innova Labs took on the task of making it available online. Astro is a brand-new product from them. It required a long time to develop its backend solution, which was released in 2018. Chandan and Kapil Garg, together with a buddy, spearheaded the idea.

Anytime Astro is a product of Innova Labs, which is a publicly traded company. Customers that pay fees for Anytime Astro’s services contribute to the income of astrologers while also supporting Anytime Astro. It’s a digital business that not only adds popular astrologers to its network, but also provides astrology training programs.

Anytime Astro’s parent business, Innova Labs, is publicly traded. Over the last five years, its shares have returned more than 325% to investors, going from 82 to 362. On July 26, 2018, Innova Labs’ shares were worth $82; now, they are worth $349. In the last year, its shares have more than doubled the capital of investors. Innova Labs shares have returned 140% to investors since trading at 146 on July 22, 2022.”