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Aman Nautiyal: A Versatile Boy from Uttarakashi on his acting career

(News Trust of India) : In the life’s journey, a profound aphorism resonates: “Our destinies are self-forged when our destinations are known.” This axiom embodies the narrative of Aman Nautiyal, a luminary who went on his acting career at the early age of 17, touring many television serials to ultimately establish his own production studio. In the upcoming discourse, we strive to extract the destiny of Aman Nautiyal, a scion of UttarKashi.

Aman, born on the 13th of September, 1993, into a Garhwali family in Manpur Village, UttarKashi, personifies a tale of aspiration and ascension. Hailing from a familial environment where his father, Harshmani Nautiyal, serves in the Assam Police and presently stationed in New Delhi, while his mother, Kamleyswari Nautiyal, fulfills the duty of a homemaker in UttarKashi. Aman is surrounded by the connections of siblinghood, with two elder sisters married and a younger brother currently engaged in an IT firm in Mumbai.

Aman’s scholastic path begun at MDS UttarKashi, but destiny directed him to complete his 10th and 12th standards at Doon Global School, Dehradun. The inception of his acting sojourn transpired during the earliest period of his career.

From a fledgling age, Aman was pulled to the attraction of the glitzy world, idolizing the cinematic genius, Govinda, cultivating a passion to mimic his achievements. Post his 12th standard, a juncture where parental hopes tugged towards an Indian Army enlistment, Aman’s heart echoed a different song. Despite the family predisposition, he successfully fought for his interest in performing, initiating a voyage marked by perplexity.

Navigating the labyrinth of the glamour world, Aman found himself at Roshan Taneja’s acting school in Mumbai, where a serendipitous audition proved his prowess. Reciting phrases from the movie “Waqt” in his distinct flair, he enthralled the judges, securing a coveted position in a 4-month acting crash course.

The finale of the crash course heralded the commencement of true struggle. Aman moved into print modeling for South Indian businesses and featured in commercial advertising for Viacom-18. His entrance into television included iconic shows like “Yeh Ishq Haye,” with episodes of CID, Savdhan India, Crime Petrol, Gumarah, Parwarish, and Junoon. Transitioning towards directing endeavors, he served as an assistant director for various serials.

Aman’s progress as a director extended to the arena of commercial advertisements and music videos, leading to the formation of his music firm, “The Three Shades” (T3S). With a purpose to provide a platform for aspiring singers, Aman now orchestrates the production of Hindi, Punjabi, and Pahaari music videos. His artistic activities are ready to enchant listeners with innovative music and intriguing graphics.

Amidst the rush and bustle of Mumbai, Aman, a self-proclaimed Real Pahaari, maintains sweet recollections of his original hamlet. In the noise of modern life, he often reminisces about the peacefulness and smiling faces of Uttarakhand.

In the kaleidoscope tapestry of Aman Nautiyal’s journey, the interplay of ambiguity and burstiness unfolds, constructing a narrative that embodies the nuances of ambition, resilience, and artistic endeavor.