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Allegations Made by the School Principal and Current Investigations

In response, the school’s principal filed a police report (FIR) against certain parents, stating that they physically assaulted him on the school’s grounds and injured him. The police have opened an inquiry after receiving complaints from both parties.

The principal mistreated a lot of the students

A student said that the principal summoned her into his office on August 21 and acted improperly there. “On August 21, the principal dragged me into his office and treated me badly. I sobbed as I exited the class and told the other female students what had happened. That’s when I found out the principal treats the majority of the female pupils in such a way,” the girl remarked.

The principal, who claims that several villagers physically assaulted him and severely injured his head, forced their way into his office and filed a formal complaint with the police in the interim.

A FIR has been filed

Both parties have reported each other to the Wave City police station, according to Ghaziabad’s ACP Saloni Agarwal. The kids have accused the principal of harassing them, while the principal has accused certain people of forcibly entering the school, acting improperly, assaulting him, and injuring him. From both sides, cases have been filed. The investigations are still ongoing, and the results will guide future course of action.