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Alisha Maindoliya : Founder at Dehradun’s first sustainable clothing brand “Mulya”

(News Trust of India) : In the heart of Dehradun, young fashion designer Alisha Maindoliya stands as a beacon of change with her sustainable clothing company, “Mulya.” Over the past two years, Alisha and her brand have not just developed clothing but a movement towards embracing organic and natural fibers, developing a lifestyle that leaves a minimum carbon imprint. In a recent conversation, we looked inside the innovative mind of “Mulya” to discover the passion and purpose that propels this sustainable design enterprise.

The Creative Genesis
Alisha Maindoliya’s journey into the field of fashion design began with a rebellion against the typical career routes handed out in school. While many aspired to be engineers or doctors, Alisha, a creative person, sought something unusual and fascinating. Fashion, with its intrinsic attraction, became the canvas for her artistic expression. After researching textile design, her passion to the craft intensified, setting the ground for the formation of “Mulya.”

Educational Odyssey
A graduate of the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology in Chennai, Alisha refined her abilities and earned the information essential to embark on her quest of revolutionizing the fashion world, one sustainable thread at a time.

Parental Support and Encouragement
When Alisha shared her goal to become a fashion designer to her parents, their answer was a testimonial to the consistent support she enjoys. In a world that sometimes prescribes job choices for children, Alisha’s parents embraced the idea of allowing their daughter to define her own destiny, maintaining steady in their support for her unique career path.

Decoding “Mulya” – The Essence of Value
The brand name “Mulya” stems from the Hindi word meaning value. Alisha envisions her brand as a catalyst for valuable changes in the lives of everyone affiliated with it, from staff to customers. Rooted in the diverse culture of Uttarakhand, “Mulya” produces products that symbolize the essence of the valley, offering intentionally handcrafted, unique things that transcend the limitations of fashion to connect with nature and heritage.

Sustainability Unveiled
“What sets “Mulya” apart?” one could question. The answer rests in a dedication to living and breathing the three R rules of reuse, reduce, and recycle. Alisha and her team at “Mulya” creatively employ leftover flowers and fruit peels to dye their items sustainably. The textiles utilized are not only fashion statements; they are biodegradable, matching flawlessly with the brand’s sustainable processes from inception to the finished product.

From Designer to Advocate: A Conscious Evolution
While Alisha’s first objective was to be a skilled designer, the harsh reality of the fashion industry produced an awakening. The journey from a conventional designer to a torchbearer of sustainable fashion was defined by difficulties and successes, highs and lows, but one that Alisha views clearly worth the risk.

Sustainable Fashion: A Call to Consumers
Addressing customers directly, Alisha argues for simple yet powerful methods to incorporate sustainability in fashion. The theme is clear: Recycle, bring creativity to life by transforming old clothes into new, functional things; Reuse, enhance the lifespan of your products by utilizing them many times; and Reduce, shop economically and intelligently, embracing a less-is-more approach.

The Evolution of “Mulya”
Much to the idea of slow fashion, the growth of “Mulya” is a long, intentional process. Alisha notes that it’s not just about exhibiting amazing garments but also about educating the buyer and spreading awareness about the brand’s beliefs. Each step in the road uncovers fresh lessons for both the brand and its customers.

Fashion in Dehradun: A Rising Tide
As we change our emphasis to the fashion landscape in Dehradun, it becomes obvious that the city is witnessing a revolutionary evolution in terms of fashion, art, and craft. With a booming young population, Dehradun offers a treasure mine of unique offerings. The community here is not just aware but actively supports sustainable fashion—a community that “Mulya” is delighted to be part of.

Future Horizons
Alisha Maindoliya envisions a future when “Mulya” overcomes regional borders to become a pan-India brand. The purpose is not just to promote Uttarakhand on the national and international scene but also to bring the art and craft of the state into the limelight with “Mulya.” The ambition is expansive, ambitious, and strongly founded in sustainability.