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AI company founded by a 16-year-old Indian girl in 2022 is now valued at $100 million

Delv.AI, owned by Pranjali Awasthi, raised 3.7 crore in investment and has a current estimated valuation of 100 crore.

Indian prodigy Pranjali Awasthi, 16, has entered the technological industry with her firm, Delv.AI, which is focused on improving the method of data extraction for research. The company was started by Ms. Awasthi in January 2022, and money of $450,000 (Rs. 3.7 crore) has already been secured. Ms. Awasthi manages a staff of up to ten people.

She began working with technology when she was very young, and she attributes much of her entrepreneurial spirit to her engineer father. She told Business Insider that when she was seven years old, her father’s enthusiasm and morals inspired her to start learning how to code.

When she arrived to Florida with her family at age 11 from India, she told the media source, the world of computer science and competitive math opened up for her.

She began working on machine learning projects as an intern in university research labs at Florida Internal University when she was just 13 years old. She used to work an internship for roughly 20 hours a week during COVID because her school had gone online.

She began considering how AI could address the issue and the concept of Delv while she was still in her internship.AI was created.

With the help of tech enthusiasts Lucy Guo and Dave Fontenot from Backend Capital, Pranjali won a spot at an AI startup accelerator in Miami in 2021. She received a modest stake in her future company in exchange for acceptance into their 12-week cohort starting in September.

She took a little detour from high school. The accelerator served as her launchpad and made it possible for her to secure financing from well-known companies like On Deck and Village Global.