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Aeroflex Industries IPO, supported by Ashish Kacholia, was oversubscribed

Today’s Aeroflex Industries IPO GMP: Market watchers report that Aeroflex Industries Ltd. shares are currently available for a premium of 65.

Aeroflex Industries IPO: Today, the major market received Aeroflex Industries Ltd’s first public offering (IPO), which was supported by Ashish Kacholia. Bidding on the public issue will be accepted through August 24, 2023. The business plans to collect 351 crore from the initial public offering and has set the pricing range for Aeroflex Industries’ IPO at 102 to 108 per equity share. Ashish Kacholia and Jagdish Master, two renowned investors, have acquired shares in this Dalal Street-listed subsidiary of Sat Industries Ltd. Investors have responded well to the public offering, which was completely subscribed within an hour of the opening bid.

Subscriber status for the IPO of Aeroflex Industries

By 11:42 AM on the first day of bidding, the public issue had received 1.74 times as many subscriptions as its retail portion. The book construction issue’s NII section has received 2.70 subscriptions.

Important IPO information for Aeroflex Industries

1] Aeroflex Industries IPO GMP today: According to market observers, shares of Aeroflex Industries Ltd. are currently offered at a premium of 65 euros.

2] The pricing range for the Aeroflex Industries first public offering is set at between 102 and 108 dollars per equity share by the corporation.

Date of Aeroflex Industries’ initial public offering (IPO): The offering began today and will last through August 24, 2023.

4] Aeroflex Industries’ initial public offering (IPO) size: The business hopes to raise 351 crore from this offering, of which 162 crore is intended to come via new issues and the remaining 189 core is set aside for the offer for sale (OFS) route.

5] The lot size for Aeroflex Industries’ initial public offering is 130 company shares, and bidders may submit their applications in lots.

6] Aeroflex Industries IPO investment cap: Because there are 130 shares in each lot of the public offering, a retail investor would need at least $14,040 (108 times 1300) to submit an application.

7] The tentative date for share allocation for the Aeroflex Industries first public offering is August 29, 2023.

Link Intime India Private Ltd has been chosen to serve as the official registrar of the IPO for Aeroflex Industries.

9] The projected book build issue for the Aeroflex Industries initial public offering (IPO) is scheduled to list on the BSE and NSE on September 1, 2023.

10] Aeroflex Industries IPO review: Anubhuti Mishra, an equity research analyst at Swastika Investmart, gave the public offering the designation “subscribe,” noting that “Aeroflex’s future strategies look promising. The business intends to grow both its local and international operations, and it is investing in new technology to enhance its offerings. We think that these tactics could help the organization achieve long-term growth and profitability. Overall, we think that the IPO of Aeroflex Industries Limited is a fantastic opportunity for investors. We advise SUBSCRIBING to this IPO.

According to SBI Securities, the business is valued at a PE multiple of 46.3x at the current market price based on its FY23 earnings at the upper price band on post-issue capital. There are no listed competitors of the company in India. The organization employs a distinctive business strategy in the field of Flexible Flow solutions. The risk reward ratio for long-term investors is favorable with respectable return ratios and margins. The IPO is available for subscription to investors with a long-term investment outlook.