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Abdul Malik, mastermind of the Haldwani violence

Haldwani ( News Trust of India) : In the middle of the trouble in Haldwani, Abdul Malik, who was at the center of the agitation, provided free legal help to people facing displacement by the Railway officials.

The place that includes a mosque and a religious school, which caused the latest trouble, were managed by Malik. The local police have chosen not to reveal where he is currently.

Abdul Malik, a well-known person in the local community, is accused by the Uttarakhand police of being responsible for the disturbance in Haldwani. He was especially noticeable last year, as he provided free legal help to families facing eviction during a demolition project headed by the Railway.

The mosque and school, which played a significant role in the current unrest, were supervised by Malik. The officials have chosen not to remark on where he is at this time.

Previous statements from Nainital’s Senior Superintendent of Police, Prahlad Narayan Meena, accused Malik of participating in illegal construction operations and leading protests against the demolitions.

Ahrar Baig, a well-known lawyer, who is one of the two attorneys representing a family opposing the demolition, said, “Over the past year, when families in the Banbhoolpura area received eviction notices following a directive from the Uttarakhand High Court, Malik provided free legal help to many people. This gained him a lot of public support.

In January of the preceding year, almost 4,000 residents near the Haldwani railway terminal were served with eviction papers following a judicial ruling. Tensions escalated when hundreds, primarily women, rushed to the streets demanding a cessation of the procedure. The demonstrations finally calmed after the Supreme Court intervened to postpone the Uttarakhand High Court’s ruling.