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A Kerala woman was hurt by Hamas while on a video conference with her husband

A 41-year-old nurse from Kerala who lives and works in Israel was reportedly hurt by a Hamas attack while she was on a video conference with her husband.

A Keralan nurse who was employed in Israel reportedly suffered injuries during an attack by the Palestinian terror organization Hamas while she was on a video conference with her husband, who is based in India.

When Hamas launched an unexpected and unprecedented attack on Israel early on Saturday morning, Sheeja Anand (41), who has lived in Israel for seven years, called her family in India to let them know she was safe.

She afterwards called her spouse once more. The call abruptly ended and there was a loud, unsettling noise in the background.

She was hurt and had surgery, a fellow Keralite later told Anand’s family. Anand will be sent to a different hospital for a different procedure.

In India are Anand’s husband, along with their two kids. In Pune, the spouse is employed.

Over 200 people from Kerala are currently safe and stranded in a hotel near Bethlehem. Joy, one of the group’s members, claimed they heard the air raid sirens while attending mass, according to the Malayalam publication Mathrubhumi.

The company has been instructed to return to their Bethlehem hotel. They were scheduled to go for Egypt on Monday, so they did.

According to reports, there are still 45 people from Kochi stuck at a hotel in Palestine. According to Mathrubhumi, the group is secure and has been given permission to cross the border.

Israel’s issue has been informed to both Kerala’s chief minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, and India’s ambassador to Israel.

Israel faced an unexpected and unheard-of attack by Hamas, the organization in control of the Gaza Strip, on land, at sea, and by air. Israel launched 5,000 rockets against Hamas, prompting Israel to declare war on the terrorist organization.

Over 1,100 individuals have now died in the three-day fighting on both sides, with more than 700 of them in Israel, including 44 military.

Israel began a counteroffensive on Saturday to destroy Hamas hideouts in the Gaza Strip. On Sunday, the nation carried out more attacks in the area while a few Hamas infiltrators fought the Israeli military in southern Israel.

According to authorities, there have been no unpleasant incidences involving the 18,000 Indian nationals who reside and work in Israel.

Both the Representative Office of India in Palestine and the Indian Mission in Tel Aviv have issued warnings urging Indian nationals on their respective sides to “remain vigilant” and “directly contact the Office” in case of an emergency.