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16 feet ‘monster’ seen on the roof of the house, outcry as soon it was seen

“When a big snake appears in front of someone, they find it difficult to control themselves.” Fear is unavoidable in such a setting if a huge python is spotted. A similar incident occurred in Queensland, Australia, where a giant python was seen hanging from the roof. As a result, many became so terrified that anarchy ensued.

While Australia is recognized for its diverse nature and abundant fauna, snakes, pythons, and other such critters strolling the streets or entering people’s houses aren’t uncommon. When the animal is particularly enormous, though, anyone would immediately scream in terror. Even the people of Queensland couldn’t help but scream when they saw the gigantic python at the back of their house.

The python spotted on the roof

People gathered to witness the horrifying scene as soon as word of the python sighting spread. One of those present videotaped the entire episode, which quickly went viral on social media. In the footage, you can hear a child wailing and see the enormous python turn towards the humans below. The python raises its tail from the ceiling and then studies the people as it moves towards another tree. People are complimenting the python’s balancing technique as they watch the video.”